Personnel Analysis Performance Software | Job Tracking Program

Personnel Analysis Performance Software | Job Tracking Program

With the personnel analysis software, you can monitor the daily work of your employees and measure their productivity. As a performance software, the advantage it offers to you is a performance increase of up to 40 percent, a business tracking progra

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Personnel analysis software is business and project tracking software for corporate companies.

Personnel performance software is the program in which the daily work of the white-collar personnel is followed.Peronel Analizi Performans

The program has two main purposes.

The first of these is to put the daily work of the staff on the schedule, and more importantly, to make the planning while entering these works. We can summarize the business process as follows; When the person sits at his desk in the morning, he has to plan the work to be done that day. With the planning made, the work is spread over the working hours to achieve a fully productive day. When each job is finished, it is closed in the program and marked as finished. Then move on to other work.

The manager has the opportunity to see the planned and done works instantly. The reports are designed in line with the needs and the desired information is obtained clearly.

To instill a sense of responsibility in the employee, which is intended to be done in the software in parallel with the physical process of the work. This allows us to focus on two main goals. Employees feel psychologically obligated to fill their working hours.

What did you do today? question becomes a serious source of motivation.

With the personnel performance software, approximately 45% increase in work efficiency can be achieved.


Job Tracking Performance Software Features;

Adaptable to Your Desire

Instead of adapting your processes to the software, we adapt our software to your processes. Our product, which we have prepared as special software, can be shaped according to your needs and integrated into your existing systems, unlike package programs.

Competency Based Job Assignment

Assigning competency to existing jobs and jobs to be defined. The ability of people who will take jobs or projects to get that job will depend entirely on their level of competence.

360 Degree Performance Evaluation

You can reduce the operational burden by shortening long-term and costly studies such as evaluation and reporting, you can easily see and report the performances of individuals and departments in your organization.

Executive Reports

Thanks to the advanced reporting tools offered by Emr, you can easily see the strengths or aspects of the organization that need improvement, strengthen your decision support mechanism with comparison reports, and monitor the change thanks to historical reports.

Increase in Employee Motivation

Planning the work to be done for the employees by themselves and trying to complete these works on time will be a source of high motivation for them. With the job tracking program, a performance increase of 45% is targeted.

Employee's Work Psychological Approach

The fact that white collar personnel feel obliged to fill their daily working hours will activate the autocontrol mechanism. In this way, an employee mass will begin to form, not waiting for a job, but demanding a job.


You don't need to be at the desk to access the reports! Thanks to the mobile integrated web software, you can access the performance management system from computers, tablets and mobile devices. You can access all internal and external processes with a single click.

Customer happiness

You can include the performance of the service provided by the employees, both internally (internal customer) and externally (external customer), in the employee performance evaluation. It can measure customer satisfaction, which has an important place especially in support or sales units, and provides the opportunity to include it in the employee's performance score.